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About Us

ASC Security Services operate Australia wide and are an division of the ASC Group which has been servicing commericla facilities Nationwide for two decades and getting stronger every year. What was once an adhoc cleaning service company servicing shopping centres and schools for their periodical services, is now cleaning 24/7 and 365 days of the year for 100's of clients in every corner of Australia. Our security services division lays compliment to our holistic approach and allows us to assist our clients with a single to touch point for combined services, which results in enhanced security across the board.


While we are happy to discuss your requirements over the phone or by email, the best way is typically to meet on site and discuss the history of the site, any pain points for you the customer of security services and what you would like to see occur moving forward. From there we will be able to advise on the best way to execute the strategy and once we have a sound basis for the concept agreed upon together, we can then go away and document the entire plan and submit a quote for any materials costs of installations and service fees. We will always do our best to trim the scope down to its necessities and assist you that way where it is possible. Of course, security and safety comes first.


ASC Security Services can include planning, installations, on-site guards, patrol services and monitoring services. Every site is different and a complete assessment can be made face to face on site so that we can fully understand your site and requirements prior to elaborating further on our services and how those which are suitable for your site would integrate into your existing site processes and existing contractors, staff and general public or customers while on site.

Securty Services Australia Wide For Combined Facility Services

The ASC Security Services difference is not only our proven capacity to manage complex operations on a National scale down to the finest detail on each site, which we back up with a long history of growth driven by retention. ASC Security Services is a specialist in incorporating multiple services for the one site so that the reporting touch points can be reduced for the client and the overall control of information and processes are more secure and optimally managed at all times. The critical difference is our ability to successfully manage complex service structures with relative ease.

At Home & Commercial Security Services, Patrol, Install, Monitor

We don't only service Commercial clientele. our commercial security service provisions lead us to insight that many Australians have never actuated their thoughts and inclinations to arrange better security for their homes. What ASC has aimed to do is to create at home security services packages which can include, patrolling, installing video, access and alarm systems and also monitoring services as required at more affordable rates than the domestic security market is used to. By Incorporating pricing into our services which mirror the more competitive commercial market, we have been able to design packages to suit normal householders and all the way up to larger home facilities with more of a commercial security footprint. No matter your security requirement, we can help.

Tenders OK or Homes & Small Businesses Looking to Ramp Up

We welcome the opportunity to participate in a tender environment if that is the case although if you are a small business or home just seeking to "ramp up" and need someone to come to your site and assist with putting your security plan and costing together, that's a great starting point. We are more than happy to assist that way and come back to you with a through plan and holistic quote with options to manage the inclusions and budegt your own way. We can only really offer what we recommend and the reasons surrounding those decisions but at the end of the day, we do it your way, it's your home or small business being protected so the decisions are yours. We will manage your desires to the absolute strictist abilities that we consistently maintain.

Domestic & Commercial Secure & Safe, by Experts

Many of our commercial clients will recognise the professionalism of our security outfit and ask us to run our expert eye over their home security systems and some of these clients actually need those home security systems in place for commercial purposes, which can be a great realisation.
With many commercial organisations now working in the domestic environment this factor is starting to come into play more and more. Is it time that you sought expert advice on your security systems at home? And have you considered any newly formed security implications that may not yet have been considered since the work from home systems have seeped through your own business?
It's time, for many, to rethink professional security.

Safe & Sound, Every Day, 24/7

Ramp Up With The Following Inclusions

Many of our commercial clients are ramping up their security at the facilities since the staff levels on site can be a little more sekeltal at times. Some office have actually been virtually unmanned during the epidemic and so popular services have been patrols first thing in the morning to ensure everything is ok and the premises are in satisfactory condition should a customer stop by without realising nobody is there. A silent site can also lead to it being targeted by theives and dilinquency so the patrols can also be popular in this regard as well as improved monitoring services whereby we assist with that directly or arrange a modern system of cameras which the customer can view from anywhere and recieve their own notices of potential activity on the site.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

ASC Security Services are active Australia Wide and the more popular locations for our services have tended towards the aforementioned areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast... Why these areas have been more active in improving their security we don't know but we are hopeful that many more areas in Australia will start utilising our security services as it really is an asset to peice of mind, safety and security of property, business and people.

Does ASC Have a Location Near Me?

We do have various offices around the Country however the best way to arrange a meeting is typically to phone-in as the specialist you need to speak to is more than likely not in the office and in the field tending to quotes and services. The specialist will also need to assess the site and its best to have that conversation on site also. Generally we are able to come to you at a time that suits you.



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