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Cleaner Attraction

When you receive a quote from ASC services it has everything costed over time and under finance as required because we expect we will retain your business for some years to come so bottom lines don't become bloated due to insecurities. OUR EXPERIENCE WILL SHINE when we deliver to you our simple, thorough and purposeful proposal that you will refer to forever.

The thing that makes ASC services different to your average office cleaning service is that we've built our business from day 1 on treating every customer like it's our only customer; we held onto this tightly. We have combined 20 years of business development improving this aspect and the results are HAPPY CLIENTS surprised by the impact we have on their environment and freedom to focus on their core duties.
Commercial Retention

Selecting a commercial or office cleaning service provider is important. Generally it affects everyone in the business and nobody moreso than the person tasked with getting it right. Let us help you to submit at least one proposal that drives IMMEDIATE CONFIDENCE and knowing that future reports will be at the same professional level will help to set a bench-mark and make the decision process a little easier.

The ASC Cleaning Operations Team

Brisbane Head Quarters

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Amanda Gould
General Manager

Amanda has over 20 years of experience in the Commercial Cleaning sector complimented by a broad management background. Amanda has the ultimate responsibility for overseeing the business growth and profitability for the delivery of specified services in conjunction with our Director. She takes personal interest in all of ASC contracts. Amanda has an excellent understanding of contract management and the insight to identify specific client requirements. Amanda ambition is focus on building customer relationships and building team environment. Amanda plays a critical role in the strategic and day to day management in ASC.

Schools, Showrooms & Shopping Centres
Offices, Pubs & Restaurants
Warehouse & Periodical Cleaning
The ASC Mission

From day 1 as a principle commercial cleaning contractor I made it my priority to treat every client like they were my only client. I wanted to hold onto that feeling of being hungry to provide optimum support and solutions that I had when supporting the big firms but pass that enthusiasm onto the client at a direct level. That is still what I stand for every day.

If we care for our clients sites, provide noticable value and add value with quality & service, we can grow alongside our clients.

Queensland Headquarters Team

Matthew Hutchinson

National Operation & Sales Manager

Gihan Galahitiya

Customer Services Manager - Qld

Nimmi Nisansala

Financial Controller

Allan Dewar

National Periodical Manager

Nisansala Abeysinghe

Environment & Compliance Manager

Brett Lang

Administration Manager

Justin Doherty

Admin Support

Annette Wilson

Marketing Manager

Matthew has over 9 years of experience in the Food Industry and Commercial Cleaning sector with 12 years of management and completion of MBA. Matthew’s focus is ensuring all client’s receive the ultimate service’s through each Industry and reporting to the Director and general manager , Matthew also take’s pride and look’s for better opportunities to improve all of ASC contracts. Matthew has an excellent. Matthew has an excellent understanding in the Food Sector and commercial industry to identify perceptions from the cleaning and client’s requirements.

Gihan has over 9 years of operations as area manager within the commercial cleaning Sector. Gihan has also has a very strong mechanical mind from completing his engineering degree. Gihan ensure the Day to Day performance and requirement are being followed daily to ensure all staff are following correct procedures and looks for potential opportunities for our clients.

Nimmi has being with ASC services over 7 years and giving her valuable contribution to the ASC team as Accounts Manager. Nimmi oversees and manages the general accounting functions, including but not limited to accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow, payroll, general ledger and taxes. Nimmi liaises with Clients, suppliers and employees as needed and answer all inquiries in a timely manner. Nimmi's focus is to provide her service with maximum satisfaction to the receiver.

Allan has over 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, By building and having a hands on approach to running his own business with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. He now brings all that knowledge and experience to ASC Services in the field of High access cleaning, pressure washing and window cleaning on site as large as Brisbane International, Gold Coast and Mackay Airports, multiple high rise buildings and shopping centre high cleans.

Nisansala completed postgraduate studies in Environmental Management from Griffith University and has extensive experience in Environmental Management. Nisansala has the responsibility for coordinating the environmental management system within the organization. She has an excellent understanding of managing hazardous waste and chemicals used in the Commercial Cleaning sector. Nisansala has a strong focus on building environmental sustainability through every ASC operation while meeting the specific client requirements.

Brett is our chief liaison officer with our clients and staff when it comes to Administration, Accounts or Document Control. Bretts’ skills are vast and his ability to take on board instruction and work autonomously makes for the building stone in our Administration team. He also coordinates with our Managers in the field in the management of clients’ requirements and manages our third-party service providers. Brett is a solutions person; this gives our clients and staff great confidence in dealing with him and combined with his pleasant and professional communication skills ASC Services have a great Ambassador for the future

Justin Indigenous admin staff has brilliant mind in IT and has completed Cert 4 in IT with over 2 years’ experience in the cleaning industry Justin monitors and maintain The Computer system and networking of the organization and configuring computer systems , Diagnosing hardware and software faults . Justin ensure all IT requirement are up to date so all our clients receive the most updated reports.

Annette has 35 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the commercial cleaning industry with 11 years of management experience and has completed her Marketing Degree 2011 I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the best cleaning companies in the country which enable me to find the best prices for our clients and its give Annette confidence that ASC Services can deliver our promises of quality.


How I Manage the Commercial Cleaning for all Australia-Wide & NZ locations

Optimum Qualifications
At ASC Services we are always hiring. This is because the needle in haystack career cleaners in Brisbane are generally occupied so we need to be there when they are looking and find them a home. We prefer the known to the unknown so we aim to hire the best, seasoned cleaners, with a glowing history of references for your site.
Customer Centric
When you need us, we are there immediately, 24/7, guaranteed. Something checklisted still needs fixing, the cleaner or supervisor will be back before the next shift. Want to discuss something, we are available, need support with invoicing issues, we are always happy to help. Contact us by direct line anytime.
On-Time Every-Time
Our trusted cleaners are managed with the support of modern software and find it easy to get to work on time regardless of some traffic bottlenecks that can happen in Brisbane, if they cannot make it on-time they contact me to let me know so that we can frantically find a solution in order to provide seamless support at the customer-side. Generally speaking this is not an issue but if we are late to a dialy site without notice and it causes inconvenience we will refund 100% of the shift
Leading Modern Tech
There aren't too many cleaning industry apps and software platforms we haven't touched or developed oursleves with our full-time tech team; in support of our customers over time. We can offer real solutions on how to iron out the potential issues surrounding a fully functioning, absolute professional commercial cleaning outcomes for your office, government, public or corporate site in Brisbane.
Exemplary Results
YES we are happy to claim that we provide results to make an example of in the commercial cleaning industry. I manage the operations for Brisbane and am at the forefront of any complaint. I will not rest the team until a solution is actioned and closed in an immediate sense. Issues are managed at a grass roots level and accountability is high. It is simply expected that outcomes are at a high consistent level and issues are the abnorm.
Accredited & Insured
ASC Services holds the amount considered to be the standard maximum public liability insurance for the commercial cleaning industry at $20m Coverage unless any excess is required. All statutory obligations are met or exceeded. ALL staff are crimially cleared for all states in Australia and any foreigners visa's are monitored to ensure they are updated when due.

What To Expect Working With ASC Commercial Cleaning Services

Professional Customer Service 24/7

Ever needed support after hours and it wasn't there?

ASC office & commercial cleaning Services are fully operational at all hours. We have teams running nationwide on a daily and nightly basis so you can be sure to have that support there and available when you need it most.
When we start cleaning a site, part of our standard setup process is to ensure after hours contact points of all parties are married up and a reliable network of communication is available should it be needed.
Accurate Estimates

The biggest culprate for poor cleaning is a misjudged extimate

We can all be tempted by the big promises and lower priced cleaning quote. It's important however to ensure that a serviceable quote is justifiable under reasonable projections of time on site and cost of labour/materials. If it seems too good to be true, it very well might be.
When ASC Services quote for your office & commercial cleaning, we help guide you on the metrics of the quote and how that affects our operations and the overall expected outcomes at your industrial &/or corporate site.
Long-Standing Operations Team

Getting a different face to the ones expected?

Tired of explaining the same things over and over to the ever-changing operations manager? At ASC not only do we adjust the job sheet after every interaction to re-hone the expectation clearly for the cleaners checklist but our team of operators and hands on managers are embedded into our firm, for the most part for many years.
The reason for our stability and success is the relationships we build along the way so we value our frontline operational staff which helps us deliver exceptionally reliable and consistent office & commericla cleaning for our clients.
Qualified Cleaners to Every Task

We have enough cleaners to section specialist tasks

We know because we have been there. Cleaning businesses just starting out will at times use a cleaner that is new to a task and expected to multi-task responsibilities.
ASC Services have enough cleaners in the field that often we have a specialist for any type of cleaning task in the region. This helps to ensure that we are efficient, organised and experts in what we do leading only to an expert result at the end of the day.
Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Theres virtually nothing we haven't done.

Shopping centres, schools, universities, industrial warehouses, churches, high rises, prisons... you name it we clean it and are familiar already with the headaches you may be experiencing. The plus side is, we have the solutions to help streamline the operations.
Contact us today and we can discuss how we do the little things a little differently and will show you how we can take the responsibilities of managing the facility cleaning, onto our shoulders and off yours.

Account FAQ's

Is ASC Commercial Cleaning Services Insured?

YES we are comprehensively Insured.

ASC Commercial Cleaning Services holds public liability to $20m.
We also hold work cover at all times for each state we as at the minimum required by law.
Does ASC clean in in my suburb or region?

There's very few towns in Australia/NZ that we don't have sites in...

There's very few towns in Australia/NZ that we don't have sites in or are familiar with the cleaners in the area from previous contracts.
If you have never worked with an office and commercial cleaning services company with such an exceptional network, it may be the difference you have been looking for. Our cleaning networ is strong and we know where your ideal cleaner is hiding. One thing is for sure, they aren't looking for work, so let us go to them for you.
Does ASC have a guarantee?

An office cleaning company with a guarantee?

YES we do!
If you should encounter any issue requiring rectification we will be back within 24hrs to address the issue. All our work whether it be general tasks or major periodical services hold the same guarantee for your peice of mind.
How does the invoicing work?

Nothing fancy here!

We issue invoices weekly for payment within 7 days. We are also a little flexible so let us know when we are reviewing the site if you have any specific accounting practices you need from us and we will aim to build it into the plan while we formulate your office cleaning template/proposal.
Our quoted prices are always built on an annual figure divided by a specific number of payments ie "52".
How long does it take to start?

Preparing for a new site is generally swift but can vary.

When preparing for a general office clean in a populated location we can generally quite easily start cleaning the office the next day if required. Normally the client allows for a week or so but if pressed we can get to work swiftly, even if we need to arrange for a supervisor to fill-in. Always happy to help in any way we can.
If your office is expansive, has periodic tasks like, carpet, pressure, hard floor care included, major equipment requirements like ride-on sweepers or scrubbers for eample, or your office is located in a more regional area, it may take 1-2 weeks to get organised effectively. However, we are well connected, highly organised and hard working. We will get you out of a bind.
Can ASC manage the re-ordering of site consumables and keep things topped up?

Re-ordering consumables is
part of the service.

With every office cleaning proposal we submit we will always outline the consumables options and pricing customised for your office specifically.
Once we have the agreed items to supply for you you don't need to worry about this anymore. We have all the professional processes incorporated into the complete office cleaning package that we are managing behind the scenes for you. All you need to do is accept the deliveries and take note so that you can match the deliveries against our consumables invoiced for the month. We will even deliver directly to your consumables storage area during business hours or make other arrangements for after hours deliveries if required. Again just let us know your requirements during the walk-through so we can be sure to accomodate your every need from day 1.

Maintain Reliability With
ASC’s 24/7 Services

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